The Greek summer camp experience!

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Be the best version of yourself!

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Athletic activities in and outside the pool and sea!

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25 years of unforgettable experiences!

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DELPHICAMP International Summer Camp

Unique opportunities for intercultural experiences!

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At DELPHICAMP we believe that, through the camp experience, every camper can be the best version of themselves.

What do kids want in the summer?

Games, lots of laughter with their friends, long hours at the beach and the swimming pool, athletic activities, dancing, artistic expression and incredible adventures!

Summer camp

DELPHICAMP has been operating since the summer of 1994. It is located just 2 km outside the town of Galaxidi, in an isolated bay amidst the pine and cedar trees. It is a pine-covered village with a beautiful view and a healthy climate, very near the crystal blue sea of the Corinthian gulf.


Activities at DELPHICAMP


Soccer, basketball, baseball, table tennis, martial arts, chess, canoe relay, championships where everyone can participate!


Dance and choreographies for all, all day! Theater, drawing, arts & crafts, music and singing that create magical evenings!

Evening Entertainment

In the evening when it is cooler, the amazing adventures begin!



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Q & A

Why should I send my child to the camp, and especially to DELPHICAMP?

At DELPHICAMP we believe that, through the camping experience, each child can become the best version of themselves.

We are determined to create the right conditions for your child to experience an unforgettable camp experience! The rest depends on the camper’s good spirits, but also on your own!

We have been operating since the summer of 1993 and our key staff have been with us for over 10 years! If you trust us, like so many other families have trusted us over the years, you will see that Delphicamp is a safe environment where campers feel free to explore their boundaries and, in the meantime, learn new things about themselves.

So do not hesitate to join DELPHICAMP family!

How many children are hosted in DELPHICAMP?

At each session, 220 campers, aged 6-16 are assigned to their groups according to gender and age.
Every group has one or two counselors over 18 years old and 10-15 campers.

Where do the children stay?

The campers stay in brick houses with a tile roof (protected architecture of Galaxidi). They sleep on 2m long wooden beds with anatomical mattresses and hypoallergenic covers. We ask you to bring your own pillow for hygienic reasons. There is a locker next to the bed and space under the bed to put their suitcase or duffel bag. The restrooms are located in a separate space near the houses.

How many days can children go to the camp?

If your Social Security Office covers you, the program is 15 days.
If you come through DYPA, the program is 15 days.
If you come in private you can come for 7 days and more, depending on your availability and budget. We recommend 7 days at least, in order to give time to the camper to adjust and enjoy the camp experience.

What should I pack?

For a comfortable stay at the camp, your child needs to pack in a soft suitcase or duffel bag:

T-shirts and shorts, 2 pairs of sports shoes, 1 sweater, lots of socks and underwear, 1 pair of long pants, 2 swimsuits, flip flops, hat or cap, sunglasses, 2 sets of bed sheets (bedsheets and towels are refreshed every 7 to 10 days), pillow, 2 pillow cases, towels (2 small for the face, 2 large for the shower, 2 beach towels), a laundry bag, a flash light, table tennis balls and a water bottle.
In a separate bag: toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shampoo, hand soap, bath sponge, sunscreen SPF 30+.
Important: All of these items must be marked with the camper’s name.
It is essential to include a photocopy of the camper’s health book (the vaccination page) and to update the camp for any health problems the camper might have.