(15 & 16 year old LIT program)


Did you hear about the Starguards?

The “Starguards” LIT (Leadership In Training) program was created to meet the needs of young people aged 15-16 who love the camp and the camp way of life.

Through this experiential program, the Starguards:

  • develop their leadership skills
  • strengthen their team spirit and learn to work together
  • Experience the value of friendship
  • know themselves and their potential better
  • better appreciate the environment and the society in which they live

The Starguards chart their own course under the guidance of the responsible community leader and their team leaders, with cooperative games, music, swimming and other activities.

  • undertake the organization of at least one camp action (game for the whole camp, night entertainment, etc.)
  • participate in the organizations of the various activities
  • plan their daily schedule, set their own goals
  • Implement a large project that they define from the beginning (indicative: educational videos, period calendar / newspaper, creation of an original game or night, participation in international online camping activities)

Starguards LIT program in brief:

Dates: 14/8 – 28/8.

Ages: 15 – 16.

Participation cost for 15 days (14/8 – 28/8): €405 + VAT = €471 or through the OAED program.

For those attending privately these is the option to participate for less days after consulting with the Secretariat.

Registrations: 210-9630487 (1/3 – 25/6, office hours) & 22650-42255 (26/6 – 30/7, hours: 10:00 – 13:30 & 18:00 – 20:00).

Registration form for the Starguards program