(15 & 16 year old LIT program)


Did you hear about the Starguards?

The “Starguards” LIT (Leadership In Training) program was created to meet the needs of young people aged 15-16 who love the camp and the camp way of life. It gives them the opportunity to live in the camp as campers and at the same time get an idea of how the camp is from a counselor perspective, in case they would like to return to DELPHICAMP as counselors after their 18th birthday.


Starguards’ daily schedule

The daily program of the Starguards is somewhat different from the rest of the campers. When the other campers make their morning or afternoon program, the Satrguards map their own course under the direction of their counselors, with collaboration games, music, swimming and other activities.

In the first few days they participate in some ice breakers and collaboration games to become a tight group, but they are also separated into groups of boys and girls as well as mixed teams that compete in some activities, while others are only dominated by the element of collaboration.


Starguards’ Evening Entertainment

The evening program of the Starguards is sometimes completely independent of the other campers, sometimes parallel and others it is complementary to the realization of the evening entertainment. They participate as elves, ghosts and witches in The Treasure Hunt, they organize a big group game for the whole camp and they undertake the organization of an evening to entertain the rest of the camp with sketches, songs and dancing of their own inspiration!


Starguards LIT program in brief:

Dates: 13/8 – 27/8.

Ages: 15 – 16.

Availability: 11 boys & 11 girls.

Participation cost for 15 days (13/8 – 27/8): €405 + VAT = €471 or through the OAED program.

For those attending privately these is the option to participate for less days after consulting with the Secretariat.

Registrations: 210-9630487 (1/3 – 15/6, office hours) & 22650-42255 (16/6 – 30/7, hours: 10:00 – 13:30 & 18:00 – 20:00).

Registration form for the Starguards program